Looks on Campus: Lilly - Barry University


Lilly is quite the triple threat: strong student, star athlete, and she dresses well. With a packed schedule, it is easy to fall prey to the sweatshirt and leggings trap, but Lilly still manages to get up for 5AM practices, early classes, and tutoring all while looking amazing.


Lilly 101

Name: Lilly

School: Barry University

Year: 2019

Focus: Athletic Training

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style? “I like YouTubers. They give [me] different ideas for mixing and matching and [watching them] is way cheaper than buying magazines. YouTube is also available any time I want it.”

Where do you like to shop? “Everywhere! I like to shop at all kinds of stores so I can find good pieces that I really like.”

How would you describe your sense of style? “Comfy but stylish. I don’t wear anything that constricts my body and all my clothes are soft and they are cool for the warm Miami weather.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “This is actually an outfit I wore for work. I needed to still be professional but at the same time, wear something that made me feel good, which is the most important part of picking out clothes.”

What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style? “Wear what makes you feel comfortable and keep it simple. My [clothes are] all neutral colors so everything matches.”

What are your favorite trends right now? “I really like distressed boyfriend jeans and have been looking for a great pair that fit my rower's thighs. Other than that though, I don’t tend to follow trends.”

Do you have any fashion designers? “Not really. That kind of goes along with the not-following-trends thing.”

What do you do for fun - do you have any hobbies or interests? “I love being outside. When I’m home in Orlando, I like going to the lake with my friends or to theme parks like Universal. When I’m at school, I like going to the beach on the weekends. I also am on the crew team, which takes up a majority of my time.”

If you could raid anyones closet, who would it be and why? “Kalyn Nicholson, who is a YouTuber, obviously. Her style is so similar to mine and she always finds such good deals.”

Elements of Lilly’s Outfit

1. Embroidered Skirt


The shape of this Abercrombie & Fitch skirt is a simple a-line, however the embroidery adds plenty of visual interest and texture to the outfit. Although incorporating a graphic print, Lilly still sticks to her tried and true neutral palette.

2. Brow-Bar Sunglasses


These reflective sunglasses are very on-trend. They also come in a variety of colors like silver, blue, and purple. Lilly opted for orange and pink lenses, which complement her peachy skin tone. 

3. Flat Sandals


Lilly says she never wears heels: She opts for sandals or ballet flats for a comfy and girly look. These sandals are also a fashionable summertime choice and can be worn with her perfect boyfriend jeans. 

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Camp Fossil- Camp 2016


Check out the upcoming Autumn Winter Collecting by Fossil.

From the Brand


Dubai, UAE; July , 2016: – This fall we’re raising a golden-roasted marshmallow to adventure inspired accessories and camp essentials that have earned their (style) badges. And we’re hitting the trail with a new tribe of finders, seekers, survivalists and curious minds.

FSL796788 Fall_Sell_In

Now is the time to roll out our checklist of products to help our classic(ish) guys and (tom)girls get packed and ready for whatever fall adventures are waiting. Our map to autumn must-haves includes wild(erness) colors — think canteen olives, saddle browns, and campfire skies — silhouettes inspired by vintage camp gear — and even a real survival kit.


Laying the foundation for these must-haves are Q Display smartwatches and Poptastic timepieces for Him and Her along with seasonspanning favorites like backpacks, saddlebags, and take-everywhere bi-folds. They’re the kind of stylish and extra-functional accessories that will become enduring. Curious? Join our expedition, where function meets fashion and soaking up the outdoors is always “in.”

Let the Fossil adventures begin.

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Rita Ora Reveals Her Adidas Originals Fall 2016 Collection


Adidas has a lot of proverbial pans in the fire right now. They are currently expanding their outreach, including amazing shoe prototypes made from recycled fishing nets and ocean plastic! Several other pans in the fire include the work done with various levels of celebrities. Rita Ora is one of the celebrities offering her signature look on the incredibly popular and reliable brand that is Adidas. The Rita Ora x Adidas Originals fall 2016 collection will be out soon at Adidas and we love the designs to bits.

Rita Ora Adidas Originals Fall 2016 Collection

Originally her collaboration began two years ago, and the new Adidas Originals by Rita Ora fall 2016 collection, titled Color Paint Pack, will be available along with other Adidas lines. Adidas has enjoyed quite a lot of success with other celebrities like fashion designerRaf Simons, as well as musicians and fashion icons like Pharrell Williams and Mary Katrantzou, so they expect to continue to do well with Rita Ora’s influence. She is shooting for a laid-back comfy yet stylish look and Adidas is sure that she will do well.

Prices start at $40 and go up from there and the fall 2016 collection will include both shoes and sportswear. One of the signature pieces is a feminized version of the classic Run DMC tracksuit. Overall the collection is described as having a flirty tomboy aesthetic. According to Ora, her goals are clear.

She told Vogue: “I like to create sportswear which other ladies will be sexy, yet supported and comfortable in. You just have to feel comfortable and own it!” With this goal in mind her Color Paint Pack collection hits all the marks.

Rita Ora Adidas Originals Fall 2016 Collection

The feel is supposed to be easy to wear and comfortable, yet undeniably stylish. These pieces will be available for sale starting with August 18th, so they can be grabbed soon! As Rita Ora reveals her latest collection for Adidas Originals, many people are excited to copy her paparazzi- and selfie-ready comfy style.

Rita echoes a lot of the sentimentality Adidas fans have felt for the brand of shoes for a long time. Whenever the brand expands, the fans follow faithfully knowing that the brand would not let them down. When it comes down to it, the designs will always vary, but the quality is what will remain the same.

Each of her paint-by-numbers dresses, hoodies and other accessories, clothing and shoes will be attractive and durable. Ora says that “it’s all about the material and color,” indicating the amount of thought and depth of concept that went into her line, which includes re-imaginations of the Tubular Defiant, the Superstar and others.

Rita Ora Adidas Originals Fall 2016 Collection

Cartoonish patterns and floral motifs that are well saturated and graphically inspired will abound throughout the collection. With the current popularity of the athleisure aesthetic Rita Ora’s Adidas collection collaboration for fall 2016 is coming at a great time. Rita Ora’s Color Paint Pack will be a fun collection to wear this fall and to bring back in the future, as Adidas is well known for having a lasting style.

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3 Super Chic Traveling Outfits That Don't Involve Leggings


I've taken more than a few flights in the last couple of months, and I've started to notice the standard travel uniform for college-age and early-twenties women doesn't really change no matter where you go - leggings and a cardigan, leggings and a tank top, leggings and a sweater, leggings leggings leggings. 

Trust, I'm not here to trash leggings. I love my leggings - I love wearing them to yoga, or lounging around in them on lazy Sundays. But they're also the lastthing I want to wear on a flight, for potentially-flashing-strangers reasons, for sitting-for-a-long-time reasons, for sweat reasons, and for we-can-do-much-better-style-wise reasons.

If you're down to wear your leggings on flights because you feel great in them, great! Keep doing your thing. But for those of you looking for comfy and cute travel outfit ideas that don't involve leggings, I did the thing for you! You're welcome. 

Boyfriend Jeans

Products: JacketTop, JeansBagSunnies, Slip-ons

I get that jeans are not the first choice for many when traveling, but hear me out. Boyfriend jeans, unlike skinny jeans, are less likely to ride up or dig, plus they look super-chic when paired with basically anything, including traveling staples like a slouchy tank and slip-on sneakers. 

My absolute favorite part about wearing jeans while traveling is that you can walk right off the flight and explore your destination without having to change once you reach your accommodations. A polished outfit of a leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, and a floral tote (like the outfit above) wouldn't look out of place in a restaurant, a concert venue, a bar, a park..wherever your wandering heart takes you.


Products: TankToteSweaterSandalsShortsBB Cream, Earrings

If you'd still like to rock the athleisure look while traveling in the summertime, consider swapping your leggings for a pair of comfy shorts, like exercise shorts or embroidered shorts. 

Even when worn with comfy tops, like a slouchy tank or oversize sweater, a cute pair of shorts can easily be elevated when paired with luxe accessories like a metallic pink tote or a pair of rose gold earrings. Alternatively, you can toughen up the look with leather birkenstocks, creating a luxe and layered athleisure vibe without the restricted feel of leggings. 

T-Shirt Dress

Products: BackpackLip BalmDressHatChokerFlannelSneakers

If the thought of traveling in a skirt or a dress sends you into a three-alarm panic, consider a midi-length t-shirt dress. The length of the dress will prevent most wardrobe malfunctions, while the soft material and slouchy fit will ensure maximum comfort on even the longest of flights. 

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The Tommy x Gigi fall 2016 collection. Photo: Tommy HIlfiger
The Tommy x Gigi fall 2016 collection. Photo: Tommy HIlfiger

Tommy Hilfiger announced it had brought on Gigi Hadid as global ambassador way back in December, but all summer long, the brand has been dropping collaboration kernels left and right. The model teased her upcoming capsule collection on Snapchat, and was photographed wearing pieces on the street, but most of the focus so far has been on Hadid's nautical-themed campaign for Tommy Hilfiger's latest fragrance, "The Girl." It turns out those nautical vibes hinted at Hadid's design process, too: On Monday, Tommy Hilfiger released the first look book featuring the model in her collaboration of womenswear and accessories, due out in September. 

The Tommy x Gigi fall 2016 collection. Photo: Tommy HIlfiger
The Tommy x Gigi fall 2016 collection. Photo: Tommy HIlfiger

Among the mainly white and navy pieces, shoppers will find a brass-buttoned cape coat (not unlike the one Hadid wears in the "The Girl" campaign), as well as several military-inspired coats and jackets. There's also a solid dose of horizontal stripes, as well as a cozy cable knit and a fluffy mohair jacket. As for a logo, the collection relies on an intertwined G (a looped sailing line) and H over an anchor. It pops up on bodysuits, a sweatshirt and a tote bag. The footwear is versatile and simple: white slip-on sneakers, black ankle boots, platform sandals and patent flatform loafers are the key pieces.

The collection hits Tommy.com and the 5th Avenue flagship store on Sept. 9 — the same day the line will debut during New York Fashion Week with a runway show that will be open to the public for the brand's first consumer-facing show. It's unclear how that presentation could top the nautical vibes of the brand's fall runway show — which literally took place on the deck of cruise liner, the "T.H. Atlantic," constructed inside the Upper East Side's Park Avenue Armory. In the meantime, follow @tommyxgigi on Instagram for updates. We have a feeling the brand still has plenty of buzz-building surprises up its sleeve.

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Would You Wear... a Denim Duster?


Photo Credits: Miu Miu F/W '16 courtesy of Elle, Madewell, Free People
Photo Credits: Miu Miu F/W '16 courtesy of ElleMadewellFree People

There are few things that we love more than a duster. Long cardigans and jackets always look so sleek (and cozy!) when paired with fitted dresses, faux leather leggings, or edgy blouses. With the emergence of denim dusters, the trend is innately more casual, and we can't get enough of it!

This trend may not turn out to be a classic, but the denim duster is a fashion-forward item that you can wear for multiple seasons (i.e. at least this fall and next spring). Throw it on, belt it, distress it: Whatever you do, you can't mess this one up.

Product Information: Zara, Nordstrom, ASOS
Product Information: ZaraNordstromASOS

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