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Souped Up Straw Bags Summer Bag 2017 Ideas

Summer bag is a good time to wear something very unique and comfortable. New season, new bag. Sweet bags that can deliver your outfit each directly to the region’s best and most favorite. Summer bag for a trip to the beach adorned straw tote this season. For you bestie weddings and many parties, there are many occasions that warrant a new clutch. Here is a summer bag 2017 can be an inspiration and your Favorites.

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Gucci x Mr Porter Collaboration Collection

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With mere days to go before Mr Porter launches its first collaborative collection with Gucci (yes, boys, it’s finally our turn to have some fun after last year’s Gucci collab with Net-A-Porter), here’s most everything you need to know about it. For starters, there will be 43 pieces in this limited edition capsule collection that’s due to be launched this Thursday (18 May 2017) via Mr Porter.

Comprising everything the young Gucci-loving male of today will need, you’ll find blazers, sweatshirts, shirts, vests, tees, jeans, track pants and shorts. And that’s just the RTW. Also included in the line-up are shoes (at least 6 different pairs at last count), ties, bracelets, even a bag and a pair of sunglasses if you’re all for that head-to-toe look. Priced from GBP140 for a tie all the way to GBP2030 for an elaborately detailed bomber jacket, it will be a case of fastest fingers first when it launches, so don’t forget to keep them on standby at Mr Porter come Thursday.

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20+ of the Best Chanel Bags Carried by Celebs at the Brand’s Weekend Dinner Party in LA

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Chanel Classic Flap Bag has been reinvented and reinterpreted in several versions already and now we’re seeing a big change that might come as a shock. Without further ado, here is the Chanel Multicolor Tweed Classic Flap Bag.

Made from tweed, which is a great choice for a bag since this material is mostly known for being durable and moisture-resistant, these kinds of bags are now becoming a norm for Chanel. However, these newest Multicolor Tweed Classic Flap Bags are unlike any other.

Let’s take a closer look and find out why. If you have a keen eye for details, you would notice that the thick diamond quilting is still there. The first bag comes in a green color, which is further beautified with horizontal and vertical multicolor stripes. The other one comes in a brown color that is further adorned with horizontal stripes.

Side by side, they might look the same except for the striking stripe patterns. They both have the famous CC clasp in the middle and the iconic interwoven chain links, which is descriptive of a Chanel classic flap bag.

You can find more information about the sizes and prices at the Chanel boutiques.

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Anya Hindmarch Paperchain Mini Vere Satchel

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If you ever wondered what happened to those party paper chains after the office celebrations ended, Anya Hindmarch took them all and upcycled them. Just kidding. But if you’re wondering why the sling on this Paperchain Mini Vere Satchel looks familiar, that’s because it’s inspired by the most humble of party decorations.

Measuring a wee 10 cm by 5 cm by 3.5 cm, the crinkled full leather bag comes finished in metallic hues, from the shiny lustrous grey body to the individual leather paper chains that’s as Mardi Gras as it gets with colours plucked from the rainbow. Priced at GBP1095 and available online via Anya Hindmarch, it’s the perfect little weekend number that’s as whimsical as it gets.

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The newest Longchamp Sakura Bag Collection is taking the fashion world by storm as it features its crowd favorites Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Bag, Roseau Bag, and Le Pliage Neo Fantaisie Backpack with a Japanese twist.

Loved and adored all over the Land of the Rising Sun during the Spring season, no wonder Sakura is considered to be the national flower of Japan. And now, you don’t have to go all the way to this beautiful country to be smitten by these divine flowers as Longchamp is incorporating this delicate Japanese Sakura cherry tree in bloom in their latest bag collection.

A Longchamp bag collection which is perfect for the summer with its feminine sakura flower motif, color combination, and an impeccable pair of materials, these are definitely a summer must-have! Match them over your favorite shirt and jeans combo, or your favorite flowy summer dress and you’ll look stylishly just fine whether it be by the beach, at the mall, or at a restaurant.

The Longchamp Roseau Sakura Tote Bag is priced at $695 USD, €470 euro, £395 GBP and the Le Pliage Neo Fantaisie Sakura Bag is priced at $265 USD, €160 euro, £135 GBP via Longchamp boutiques.










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